How to Speak at TEDxBrasov

Each TEDx event is independently organized. They are licensed by TED but put together by a local team of volunteers who are dedicated to TED’s mission: Ideas Worth Spreading. In Brasov, our team develops an annual theme, locates and trains speakers, generates community support, and gives a TED-like experience every May.

The most visible part of this event is the speaker stage. It’s a great place to be. Our speakers have a crowd of curious people and a chance to contribute their Idea Worth Spreading. And a video in the TED format? That’s like intellectual currency.
As you can imagine, the TEDxBrasov team fields requests from many people who are interested in speaking. Since this event is based on TED’s principles, there are some important differences from other conferences. We encourage you to read What is a TEDx Talk? from TED. Here are some tips to help you prepare.


We prefer people who live in the Brasov region or have a very strong tie to it. Part of the reason we produce this event is that we want to highlight the remarkable people who live here. TED shows us great thinkers and doers from all parts of the world. We have those stories in our community, too.


While we prefer people in our community, our topics are generally not about Brasov. TED focuses on topics that cut across geography: science, art, education, shared human experiences. We follow that line, too.


Many of our speakers have national and global impact, but we are more moved by a well-expressed story than by professional credentials. Do you have an Idea Worth Spreading? What is your angle? How do you tell the tale in a way that no one else can?


Fresh vegetables are better than canned. The same goes for our stage. If you pitch a presentation that you’ve given before, we will decline. TEDxBrasov is not the place for motivational speeches, corporate talks, or plug-and-play presentations. We want to match the power you see on every other TED Talk.


Our team considers hundreds of people for ten spots on the program. We compare multiple approaches on similar topics. We think about how a topic fits our annual theme. We challenge our biases. We question our choices. We take this process seriously because we want to present a remarkable TEDxBrasov. You may be right for us but not right now. Keep trying, keep in contact, and keep practicing your craft.
One of the best outcomes of TEDxBrasov is connecting remarkable people. Our speakers, our attendees, and our volunteers are all worth knowing. We have TEDxBrasovWomen events and TEDxBrasovSalon experiences throughout the year to keep the ideas – and conversation – flowing. Thank you for being a part of that.

If you would like to speak at TEDxBrasov, please subscribe to our email news and follow us on Facebook. We announce our open call for speakers via those channels.

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